the blended pop sensibilities of aninkling have created a smooth and emotional 

five-track ep generously simmering with warmth and soulful thoughts.


aninkling hail from newcastle, australia, north of sydney where a breeding ground of fine

musicians has produced some world-class acts. 


the cd contains five tunes penned by drummer, brad duncan and bassist ed peters who have shared 

a song-writing headspace for almost a decade. it also helps that the pair have been band mates 

several times over professionally since the mid nineties and it is this bond of brotherhood that 

pervades their writing.


as a song smith in her own right, helena jones adds a liquidity to the band's lyrical bent. songs that ed 

and brad have written specially for her voice to play with. she brings a light shade to their collective 

canvas and sings as an act of ownership and joy. the blending of the band's harmonies is a lush performance and well crafted.

Over-all, a welcome addition to the pop genre.


balancing against the edge of warmth and tone, ron jackman's guitars apply layers of texture to the 

melodies. his decorative style adds a vintage character to the sound. he jangles like the byrds and hums

like REM.


the liquid hammond organ sound of tony heads is the final flourish; it's rich tones suffusing aninkling

in a sunny glow. tony's deft hands pour streams of emotion into an already lush collection of lilting tunes

and soulful pop.


forever and never plays with the notion that perception is fleeting, that life is made of moments and 

we may feel that we are no more than eddies and ripples in some great river, the real truths lie between the spaces,

behind the moments. it may be true that we only get to see an inkling of the whole picture here. 


aninkling's debut ep foreverandnever can be a journey or a stroll. it's pop and it's a symphony.


it all happens in your head. 



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