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Set out from the Hotel in a south-east direction along Marine Drive. Continue until you reach the bridge.
1. The Tea Gardens Hotel Motel (Photos 1.1 to 1.4) Charles Hagon opened a wine bar on this site in 1884, replacing it in 1887 with the first two-storey Port Stephens Hotel (1.1). In 1924 the building was extended to more than twice its Marine Drive frontage (1.2) and became a very popular venue for tourists and a stopover point for those travelling further up the Myall River.
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1.1: The first Port Stephens Hotel was built by Charles Hagon in 1887. Cedar timber was used extensively throughout the building. pstepho2.jpg - 9129 Bytes
1.2: The original building was more than doubled in size in 1924. Bernard Doherty, Hagonís son-in-law, was the proprietor when this photo was taken.

At a later date further modernisation took place, during which the upper balcony timber latticework was replaced with weatherboards (1.3). By this time its name had been changed to the Tea Gardens Hotel. This building was demolished in 1956 and replaced by the present brick building (1.4) which is now known as the Tea Gardens Hotel Motel.
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1.3: During later modernisation it was renamed the Tea Gardens Hotel. The original balcony railing was replaced by weatherboards. This building was demolished in 1956. tghotel3.jpg - 7753 Bytes
1.4: The present, lower profile, Tea Gardens Hotel-Motel was opened in 1960. The present owners have made renovations in 2000.

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