Number of Meetings

Six league meetings will be held per year – 2 months apart . After each meeting all members will be emailed at least a month in advance of the next location and date.  All comps will be in the Wollongong/Illawarra area to keep travel easy for all members.

Meetings will begin at 7pm and the latest start for the hour warm up will be 7.30pm.

Competition games will start at approx 8.30pm

Game Selection

The next competition game title will be decided in advance of each meeting by the organisers and the next host.

The game title for the following comp will be emailed out to all members a month in advance, this gives players fair chance to study up on the game rules if they choose to.


Machine settings


DMD games will be set to tournament settings and to exclude extra balls and unfair random awards where possible.

 SS and EM games where possible will be set to award a small amout of points being the same for each player instead of an extra ball  ,if points settings aren't available on a selected SS or EM title then the extra ball shall be awarded & then  plunged but not played.



An annual fee of $30.00 per player will be payable on the night of the first competition.


ALL funds received will go towards trophies and prizes for the FINAL event.

Any monies not spent on prizes or trophies will be carried into the following years ‘kitty’

Members can view receipts for all / any prize items at any time they choose



A host will only be expected to put on basic soft drinks, nibbles in order to keep expenses down – other members are welcome to bring along anything they feel appropriate to assist the host but it is not ‘expected’ or mandatory.

Machine Owners

Competition machine owners or those involved in organising competitions may enter in competitions being held on their own machines. Any advantage gained will be insignificant when spread over the other venues/meetings and is viewed as a benefit of hosting.


Competition Play

On each night there will be ONE HOUR of warm up play available before the competition begins.

At each comp night all players will play TWO games on  the competition game for the night - each game will be a 3 ball game. 

The total score of a players 2 complete games on the night will determine the finishing positions for that night.



Finals Play

The FINAL will be held on a DMD Game.

After the 6th competition points are tallied the top 3 players for the year will play out in a FINAL competition to determine ultimate 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in The Southern Wizards Pinball League annually.

The annual FINAL will be ONE game on a machine to be chosen on the night by the lowest ranked player in attendance on the night of the final and will be a 5 BALL GAME.



      Machine Faults    

 # Temporary faults – NO  loss of ball

If the ball becomes stuck during play, the player may attempt to free it at the risk of tilting the game. Otherwise they should attract the attention of the host who will free it and place it in a dead area of the game such as the shooter lane or in a ball trap so the entrant may continue play.


# Temporary faults WITH loss of ball

If a player loses a ball through a random machine fault which is not persistent and has not affected other players and through no fault of their own, the player affected has two options as below…

1. Completing their game and then playing one ball of a new game. The scores of the two games will then be added together to form the player’s score for that machine. Or,

2. Discarding the current game and replaying the game from scratch


# Machine Fault – Catastrophic Failure

If the competition game  suffers a fault that is not repairable on the night then the competition shall be re-started on an alternative title that will be selected by the host.

If failure is in Round 1 – the entire comp will re-start

If failure is in Round 2 – then Round 2  will be played out on the new title, the combination of Round 1 scores on the original title PLUS the Round 2 scores from the replacement title will be tallied to give the players overall score on the night.




                   League Points               

At the end of each competition, players will be awarded points which will accumulate over the year. The highest 3 points scorers for the year at the end of the 6th competition will enter into the FINAL.

Points will be allocated after each competition by finishing positions and directly relate to how many players are in attendance on the night.

Eg – 10 players in attendance  – 1st place on the night gets 10 points, 2nd gets 9 , 3rd gets 8 and so on.

          6 players in attendance-  1st place on the night gets 6 points, 2nd gets 5 , 3rd gets 4 and so on.

Ties – In the unlikely result of tied League points at the end of Round 6 the tied players will play ONE game on the chosen comp game in Round 6 to determine their final positions for the year.

A league table will be updated at the SWP League website after each comp to show the results and a leader board.



WPPR Points

At the end of the FINALS Competition the Southern Wizards Pinball League finishing positions for the year will be sent to the Australian representative for IFPA , Dan Robar - these rankings will be sent to International Flipper Pinball Association where each member will appear in the World Pinball Player Rankings points system.


       Finals Prizes      

Trophies and prizes will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed League players at the end of the night of the FINALS.