About Gemmology Kennels


Gemmology Kennels is situated on 25 country acres, owned by Tracy, David & Wylie Wolter of Swan Bay NSW, Australia.

We are proud to love, own, show and breed Bull Terrier Miniatures. Gemmology Kennels strive to succeed in breeding excellence in temperament, type and maintain the distinctive characters the bull terrier miniatures are unique.

Gemmology Kennels is proud to introduce it's export successes.

Bindi is Loved by Stacey Pike in Florida

First and foremost, our dogs are our pets, and we have always loved this breed for its personality and devotion to their owners. We purchased our first bull terrier miniature with the intention of having a loving companion. This is still true to today, and has taken us to be very devoted in our involvement in the breed today.

With the success of our breeding program, we have Bull Terrier Miniature pups abroad enjoying show successes, American champion, AM CH Gemmology Tiny Aussie, who is proudly owned by Nederes Kennels, Oregon, USA.

Living in Indianapolis Indiana,
proudly owned by Andy Phelps
Gemmology Gest Aspirit

Owned by Nestor Bianchini in
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