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BVSc, Dip. Of Prof. Counselling.

My interest in veterinary science stems from growing up in a small dairy farming community in far northern NSW. After graduating from the University of Queensland I devoted twenty years to predominantly mixed practice, progressing from associate to principal. After this I found a new challenge and became successfully involved in an unrelated business for eight years.

My return to part time veterinary practice came about when a colleague was injured and temporally incapacitated. His plight inspired my interest in human psychology and counselling. I commenced studying counselling, receiving the Diploma of Professional Counselling in 2002. In discussions with other veterinary colleagues it became apparent that there was a significant number who were distressed. In late 2008 my enrolment as a post graduate student was accepted at the University of Adelaide and I began researching mental health, workplace stressors and burnout in the profession. My passion remains unabated. In 2007 I was appointed psychology counsellor for the Veterinary Defence Association in South Africa, Australia and Canada as well as consulting with other professions and industry

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